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Used Equipment : Slitting : INV #101884

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  Hydraulic Expansion
  16" - 20" Coil I.D. range
  4 Segment Mandrel
  28" Mandrel face width
  Powered Holddown Roll
    AC Motor thru Reducer
  Sliding Base
  2 speed Gearbox
  60 HP GE DC Motor, 500/2000 rpm, 240 v
  Hyd power unit for edge control

-Entry Coil Flattener:
  5 Work Rolls, 2 over 3 Rolls
    5" dia. x 30" face rolls
    Top rolls driven
  Entry driven Pinch Rolls
    7.5" dia. x 30" face rolls
    Top Roll rubber covered
    Bottom Roll driven
  7.5 HP AC motor drive, 1760 rpm, 460 v
    Falk reducer w/45.65:1 ratio
    Line speed: 50 fpm

-Entry Crop Shear:
  Hydraulic upcut type
  Entry and Exit passline rolls
  Blade size: 30" x 3" x 1"
  Traversing base by hyd. cylinder
  Overall size: 42" L x 25" W x 60" High

-Driven Pinch Rolls:
  8" Dia. x 30" face width Rolls, rubber covered
    Bottom Roll driven
    Air cylinder loaded
  Entry Side Guides, manual adjustment
  Entry Passline Roll
  Passline: 31"
  15 HP AC motor
  Overall size: 76" L x 36" W x 59" High

-Slitter Head:
  Removable Head
  5" dia. x 30" face arbors
  Double eccentric arbor adjustment
  125 HP GE DC Motor, 650/1900 rpm, 240 v
  Falk reducer w/9.212:1 ratio, rated at 125 HP

-Scrap Winder:
  Production Machinery
  Hydraulic motor driven
  Oscillate wind
  Approx. 17" W x 30" dia. scrap ball capacity
  Manual dump
  Self contained Hyd. Power unit
    20 HP AC motor, 1750 rpm, 230/460 v
    Vickers pump

  20" dia. x 32" face Drum
  Hydraulic clamp and expansion
  Hydraulic Pushoff
  Overarm Separator
  2 speed Gearbox w/8.5:1 and 21.3:1 ratios
  75 HP GE DC Motor, 300/1800 rpm, 240 v
  Additional Drums included: 12", 14", 16" and 18" I.D.

-Hydraulic power unit:
  20 HP AC motor, 1750 rpm, 230/460 v
  Vickers pump
  Overall size: 87" L x 42" W x 60" High

No Electrics or tooling.

-Removed and in Storage: Toledo, OH.

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